Bach flower remedies in quarantine - How can you help my dog?

Flores de Bach en cuarentena - ¿Cómo puede ayudar a mi perro?

The human can be locked up, the animals cannot . For the same reason, this can affect them in many ways : anxiety, stress, anger, allergies, physical and behavioral issues, and more. They can generate unwanted behaviors , derived from this confinement and from not being able to go out to be animals.

Added to this, animals are sponges that absorb all the energies of the home. It is proven that they tend to adopt attitudes similar to that of their masters, so it is important to be well for them in the same way.

The flowers are shots of high vibrations from the plants . Let's remember that animals have much more acute senses and act in a much more natural and instinctive way than humans. Flowers are a way out of nature for them as they soothe, stabilize, de-stress and much more.

It is important to give support and containment to our animals, especially in this process in which they once again undergo constant routine changes.

If your dog or cat is presenting this inappropriate behavior, don't worry, we have the solution for you. Request your consultation with our doctor Josefa Ramírez to help your pets in this link .

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