Frequently Asked Questions - Q&A

  1. What is Flores de Paz and what kind of services do they offer? A: We are dedicated to animal welfare, guardian education, and emotional and behavioral treatment of our patients. We offer all the services that can affect the emotions of our animals. From ethology, human psychology, canine dermatology, canine nutrition, canine physiatry or kinesiology, general veterinary medicine, etc.
  2. How can I schedule a therapy session for my dog? A: Easy! You enter your ethology reservations or medical consultations and ethology agendas and that's it!
  3. What is the difference between an individual therapy session and a group session? A: An individual session is more personalized, but has a higher value. On the other hand, a group session is less personalized, has a lower price and has the benefit that you can listen to doubts from others or experiences from others that can help you to acquire more knowledge and be better prepared for different situations that may occur.
  4. What is the training and experience of your veterinarian/ethologist? A: Wow, I thought you'd never ask! Our ethologist is the best and I'll tell you why:

    - Titles : Veterinary Doctor (U. Mayor and U. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Clinical Ethologist (UAB), floral and aromatherapy therapist (IF Mount Vernon).
    - Diploma : Human dog bond (IIAZ, Argentina).
    - Certifications : Fear Free, ethology in psittacine and training of wild animals, course of bach flowers and ethology for animals (CICAN), international course of management of bird farms 2017, training in free flight of birds, ethology in psittacine, course do as i do animal training 2019, Avian Behavior course and implementing positive reinforcement techniques- AAV 2019, European Workshop on Diseases of Wildlife and Exotic Animals dept of animal science, aromatherapy course by MedNaturalis 2020, clinical neurology course in felines and canines 2020, course of exotic animal medicine 2020, international meeting of researchers in animal welfare and regional meeting of ISAE-Latin America 2018. Vet conference 2018, first day of clinical ethology and animal welfare 2018, Birdbehaviour workshop 2021 by animalnatures, conditioning and functional evaluation for welfare of wildlife under human care by proactive animal.

    He has all these titles, in summary Jose Veterinaria is: Veterinarian, clinical ethologist, canine educator, bird ethologist, free flight trainer, emotion expert, floral therapist, and a long ETC!

    Your animal is in very, very good hands!

  5. What are peace flowers and how can they help my dog? A: Bach flower remedies come from England. They consist of a system of 38 floral and plant essences, which have been chosen according to the natural and energetic behavior of the plant in life. Flowers treat emotions, if you treat emotions you treat diseases. We have chosen our formulas individually for each case according to physical problems and animal behavior. Of all species.

    Part of the utilities that we give to flowers are: Complement to separation anxiety treatment ( Flores Compañía ), fears ( Flowers of Peace ), stress ( Flores SOS ), horrendous problems, coexistence (Flowers of Conflict or Adaptation), to cope with diseases, for sick people and pets, urinals, sick animals near death. They are used with all treatments...

    All of us who have emotions to manage there is an emotion that does not allow us to manage what happens. When there is stress, perhaps underneath there is sadness for a loss. The idea is to bring out and manage all the layered emotions in the most loving way possible. It takes you to the being that you are naturally. Accompany the soul to be itself. Remove all hindrances.
  6. What are the benefits of using Bach flower remedies in the training and behavior of my dog? A: Flowers treat the emotions behind the behaviors. They help the animal in a wonderful way to cleanse itself of negative emotions.
  7. How long does it take to see results using peace flowers on my dog? A: The flowers take a couple of days to 1 week to take effect. Remember that it is a treatment that must be complemented with the material to avoid negative emotions.
  8. What other tangible products do you offer besides Bach flower remedies? A: Products cognitive tools and cognitive toys such as Kongs, Nylabone Bones for dogs, puzzles, Lickingmats, Stuffed Animals to bite, Bones to gnaw, Aromatherapy, Mushrooms for Anxiety, Ebooks on animal behavior, animal behavior courses and much more!
  9. How can I purchase Flores de Paz products? A: Easy! Buying on our website.
  10. Do you offer shipping nationally or internationally? A: Not at the moment. We plan to do it in the future. Obviously if someone needs it urgently, we do it.
  11. Do you have a guarantee on your products? A: Being personalized therapies, there is no guarantee once the therapies are open.
  12. What is the return and refund policy of Flores de Paz? A: Natural therapies are non-refundable as they are personalized. But if we make returns and refunds of products that are damaged and cannot be used for the same reason.
  13. What are the accepted payment methods? A: Credit cards, debit cards, paypal and whatsapp transfers.
  14. Can I combine therapy sessions with the use of Flores de Paz products? A: Of course, it's the idea of ​​everything!
  15. Do you offer personalized advice to choose the right products for my dog? A: Yes! Write us on Instagram, Whatsapp or by mail and you will receive the help you need.
  16. What topics are covered in the educational digital courses and how can I access them? A: We have puppy courses to avoid misbehavior and educate a happy and calm adult dog, we have a masterclass on parrots and free flight, we have separation anxiety, and a long, etc!
  17. What is the duration of the digital courses and can I access them for life? A: It depends on each one, they are usually short and yes, you can access forever.
  18. Can I earn certificates of completion for digital courses? A: At the moment we do not offer certificates of completion, but we do plan to do so in the future when we create more specific courses and for employment issues.
  19. Do you offer support or technical assistance during digital courses? A: Yes, by mail, whatsapp or any means.
  20. Do you have any affiliate programs or discounts for recurring customers? A: We have discount codes for all of our patients.