Separation Anxiety - Quarantined Pets

Ansiedad por separación - Mascotas en Cuarentena

🐾 Pet anxiety due to quarantine 🐶🐱

Pet adoption has skyrocketed around the world over the past year. This is how the pandemic made many dogs and cats find a home , but their home as they have known it so far is changing.

Due to the return to the routine , pets are beginning to be left alone and this can be difficult even for dogs and cats that already knew that routine from previous years , since this period they got used to always being with their human family .

All this will trigger anxious behaviors in our pets , and it is observed more in dogs than in cats. Anxiety behavioral disorders have different manifestations, the symptoms may be excessive vocalization or urination and defecation in inappropriate places .

Other frequent behaviors in dogs is that they tend to have more exacerbated destructive behaviors , while cats could have altered eating behavior , that is, stop eating.

But... What to do?

To prevent these behaviors, pets must be prepared for separation , this must be gradual and it must be taken calmly . It is important to give our pets independence so that the change is not so abrupt.

Resume habits that may have been lost during the pandemic, such as taking walks or playing games at certain times. In addition to enriching the environment with toys to reduce separation anxiety.

Bach flowers or essential oils are highly required in these cases, as they help calm your pet and prevent separation anxiety.

If your dog or cat is exhibiting this type of behavior , don't worry, we have the solution for you. Request your consultation with our doctor Josefa Ramírez to help your pets, anything, she will refer to a clinical ethologist.

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