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Personalized Bach Flower Therapy for Animals - Jose Veterinaria

Personalized Bach Flower Therapy for Animals - Jose Veterinaria

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After making the payment for this service you will receive a form in your email that you must fill out to obtain the personalized Bach Flowers for dogs, cats and other animals.


It is automated so it arrives yes or yes. If you have problems you can talk to us on whatsapp or IG.

About flower therapy for animals :

Bach flowers are a complement to any treatment. They serve as emotional support and are 100% natural. Edward Bach's floral system, who created it in 1930, consists of essences from 38 different plants. Each one is extracted naturally and contains the vibrational energy of plants. Being a 100% natural treatment, it does not generate side effects or dependency. We use it as an emotional support within our therapy. They can be consumed by any living being! from your tutor to your plant (yes, birds, cats, dogs, etc. are included). They can be used in addition to any pharmacological therapy and with any disease state, since the flowers do not interfere with the system. There are 16 drops in your animal's water dish daily or in its wet food. Be careful since being made of glass could have problems if they bite it, especially in puppies. It is ideal not to expose flowers to electrical appliances such as TV, cell phones, radios, etc. Store at room temperature.

As you can see, the flowers are very useful and are a gigantic support, but it is always necessary to consult the ethological clinic for greater behavioral and behavioral results. Do not forget to consult with your treating doctor in the case of having any organic problem or some underlying pathology. In any case, flowers will always be a perfect complement to any therapy. Do not suspend them due to gastritis, or any medical problem... Remember that the flowers are 100% harmless and are not the cause of the disease nor the cause of the aggravation of the problem.

You will receive the flowers and feedback from Jose Veterinaria, floral therapist and clinical ethologist within a maximum period of 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT: The survey is confidential between the therapist and the patient. Total honesty is requested for a better result in the treatment. Once the payment is made, you will receive the link of the form to obtain your personalized flowers.

Thank you for trusting us.

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