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Kong Wobbler L - Emotional and Cognitive Toy

Kong Wobbler L - Emotional and Cognitive Toy

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### Are you looking for a toy that stimulates your dog's mind and emotions?

Kong Wobbler L is the answer! This unique toy/tool ​​is perfect for dogs that need extra cognitive and emotional stimulation. With its unstable shape and erratic movement, Kong Wobbler L challenges your dog to use their brains and paws to get their favorite treat.

The Kong Wobbler L is perfect for keeping your dog entertained and active for long periods of time. Plus, it's easy to use and clean, making it ideal for any home with dogs. Don't wait any longer and get the Kong Wobbler L to offer your dog hours of fun and entertainment while keeping him mentally stimulated and emotionally satisfied.

It should not be left freely available. It is given and then withdrawn.

The KONG brand is always recommended by Dr. Jose Veterinaria to her patients because:

🌼 Important tool for emotional management (help anxieties and frustration).
🌼 Important help in emotional management
🌼 Promotes concentration
🌼 Cognitive and olfactory stimulation
🌼 Helps develop natural behaviors such as exploration
🌼 It's very useful for dog learning.
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