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EBook "Meeting my best friend"

EBook "Meeting my best friend"

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digital e-book

"All the basics you should know for the animal welfare of your dog as a family"

Our Ebook is specially designed for dog lovers. It is a complete guide for animal welfare, health and care for your dog, especially aimed at Chilean women.

If you have a dog that is part of your family and you want to learn everything you need to ensure its well-being and happiness, this digital book is for you!

What is this Ebook about?
In Chile, there are laws that regulate the responsible ownership of pets, and in this Ebook we provide you with all the necessary information to comply with them. Also, we offer you an updated context on the situation of animals in the country, including information on animal protectors and how you can collaborate with them.

We know that animal welfare is essential, so in this Ebook we show you how you can interpret your dog's base emotions and make sure he feels happy and comfortable at all times. Find out how you can help him through animal emotional therapy and how you can promote his mental well-being in all its aspects.

In addition, in this Ebook you will find essential information on health, diseases and the first care that you should know as a dog's guardian. Learn about the most common diseases, how to prevent them and how to act in an emergency.

Have you ever wondered what your dog barking means or why he sniffs everything? In this Ebook, we teach you all the basics you need to know about animal behavior. Learn to communicate better with your dog and understand his body language to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Finally, our Ebook includes useful information on how you can improve your dog's quality of life through proper nutrition, exercise, and games that you can play together. Find out how you can become the best company for your dog.

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