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Doggy Paz - Stress - Anxiety - Fears - Aromatherapy 30 ml

Doggy Paz - Stress - Anxiety - Fears - Aromatherapy 30 ml

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Calm, relaxation and well-being for your best friend!

Doggy Paz is an aromatherapy product (natural energetic emotional therapy) specially designed for dogs that helps relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness and fears. With a blend of natural essential oils, Doggy Paz has a pleasant, mild scent that helps calm your dog's mind and promote a state of peace and serenity.

Whether your dog is feeling anxious during a car ride, storms or fireworks, or just needs a moment of relaxation after a hectic day, Doggy Paz can help. Its easy application allows you to spray it in the air or on your dog's bed to enjoy its calming benefits.

Benefits : Gives courage in the face of fear, restores calm, returns animal essence after a strong event, promotes adaptability to new environments after a past abandonment.

Doggy Paz Indications: Apply 2 drops in ears or pads and massage for 1 minute, 1 time a day for the first month. 2 times a day only from the second month. Avoid contact with face and private parts. Do not expose to the sun, keep in a cool place. DO NOT CONSUME

Caution Cats: Avoid contact with the nose, eyes, genitals and places that are sensitive in our animals. Cats in particular are animals that are very sensitive to essential oils (there are EOs that are prohibited for them, they can only use what we have for them), their use can even cause death, so it is never recommended to use direct contact with pure EO . Do not use wintergreen, basil, cloves, oregano, malaleuca, quinquenervia, thyme, mountain savory, tea tree, laurus nobilis and cinnamon bark- among others and always leave an escape route inside the room for the animal to decide if stay or not

If your animal shows signs of lethargy, salivation, tremor, or any symptomatology after a few hours of using oils, stop the treatment and go to a veterinarian. If the animal resists and runs away, it is a signal to tell us that it is not the time to use them or that they simply do not like it and it will be better not to use them on them.

Size: 30ml
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