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Canine Dermatology Online - Dra. Isidora Mercy

Canine Dermatology Online - Dra. Isidora Mercy

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Dermatological consultation for dogs with Dr. Isidora Mercy.

Veterinary doctor specializing in canine skin.

Face-to-face modality is ideal for:

  • Masses that have appeared on the skin
  • Skin lesions (wounds on the face or body)
  • Otitis
  • chronic allergies
  • Skin cancer (Dermato-Oncology)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Immune mediated diseases
  • Diseases caused by fungi
  • pigmentation disorders
  • Excessive desquamation (oily or dry seborrhea)

The dermatological consultation includes the collection of information related to the health of the skin and ears, followed by a dermatological examination, taking specific complementary tests and therapeutic planning for the patient.

In case of requiring a change of time, notify at least 48 hours in advance

In-person consultation address: Av. Eduardo Marquina 3937 office 409, vitacura. Santiago. Jumbo building in front of the castle.

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