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In-person Veterinary Consultation - Dra. Consuelo Lara

In-person Veterinary Consultation - Dra. Consuelo Lara

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Includes complete evaluation of your animal, physical examination (with friendly handling), basic behavioral, environmental and nutritional management at our Flores de Paz office or online modality.

Additional services to the value of the consultation:
The value of the additional services to the general check-up are not included in the value of the session:

  • taking exams, with interpretation and indications according to the results, only if you need to take a sample, it will be charged apart from the value of the consultation.
  • Medical checkups.
  • Blood tests (the patient must be fasting).
  • Nail cutting.
  • Wound management.
  • sedations
  • Euthanasia: 1st evaluation of the animal will be carried out (consultation cost)
  • Internal and external deworming.
  • Vaccines (rabies, sextuple, KC, etc.)


🐶 Consultation value may vary according to inputs used in consultation. The details of the additional payment corresponding to the possible services performed during the session are sent at the end of the consultation.

🐶 Discounts from the 2nd pet

🐶 Older adults discount.

🐶 PAYMENT FACILITIES (consult with Dra Consuelo)

ANY QUESTIONS WRITE TO: / +56 9794 69677

In case of requiring a change of time, notify at least 48 hours in advance

In-person consultation address: Av. Eduardo Marquina 3937 office 409, vitacura. Santiago. Jumbo building in front of the castle.

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