Collection: Energy stones for you and your furry

Why use Energy Stones on our furry ones?

They serve as physical, mental and emotional support therapy for your pet, since they connect much better with nature and open much more to the energies of crystals.

Our 4-legged loves are emotional therapists. They will absorb the imbalance from you and from your vibration spaces; since they are usually much more receptive to the subtle energies of the environment. That is why crystals or natural stones can have a great influence on your pet and can help them in different situations.

Natural stones produce radiation on the body, and capture all kinds of vibrations or frequencies that may be out of balance to transform it into harmonic frequencies with healthy and positive effects for the mental, physical and spiritual balance of your pet.

So our stones and crystals serve as support therapy to help provide emotional and physical well-being for you and your furry.

What crystal to choose?

Use your intuition: "we do not choose the crystal, but the crystal chooses us" . The crystals vibrate at different frequencies and the body knows perfectly how to find what is good for us and our pets without our mind influencing the choice. Sometimes, it is not about staying with the one that has the color that you like the most, but about taking you with the one that catches you for a reason that you cannot explain. It's good to let them do their job for us and conquer us.