Bach flowers… Natural energy therapy for dogs and cats?


Flores de bach… ¿Terapia energética natural para perros y gatos?

Bach Flower Remedies are a natural and gentle therapy that can help balance the emotions and mental well-being of dogs. Bach flower remedies are based on the idea that negative emotions can affect the physical well-being of animals and that balancing emotions can improve health and behaviour.

There are 38 different Bach flower remedies, each meant to address a specific emotion, from fear and anxiety to lack of confidence and sadness. Some of the most commonly used Bach remedies for dogs include Rock Rose, for extreme fear or trauma; Mimulus, for anxiety over familiar situations such as fireworks or the vet; Cherry Plum, for loss of control or destructive behavior; and Star of Bethlehem, for emotional trauma.

Bach flower therapy is safe and has no known negative side effects. The remedies can be administered directly into the dog's mouth or added to drinking water or food. Results will vary and may take some time to show improvement, but many people have found Bach Remedies effective in helping their dogs find emotional balance.

However, it is important to note that Bach Remedies should not be used as a replacement for necessary medical or veterinary treatment. If your dog is experiencing behavioral or health problems, consult with your veterinarian before beginning any alternative therapy. Bach Flower Remedies can be an effective complement to a comprehensive treatment plan, but they should never be the only form of treatment.


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