How to know if your dog loves you: understanding behavior and canine signals or calming signals.


Cómo saber si tu perro te ama: comprensión de la conducta y las señales caninas o señales de calma.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and affection towards their human companions, but how can you tell if your dog really loves you?

Here are some ways to tell if your puppy loves you:

  1. Tail Wagging – A dog's tail wagging is a sign of happiness and excitement, but the way the dog's tail is wagging can also communicate different emotions. If your dog wags his tail in a loose, relaxed manner when he sees you, it's a good sign that he's happy to see you. Also check the context.
  2. Eye contact – Dogs communicate through eye contact and making eye contact with your dog can help strengthen your bond. If your dog maintains eye contact with you, it could be a sign of trust. Always try to reinforce this with positive reinforcement.
  3. Snuggling – Dogs love to snuggle with their human companions, and snuggling with you is a sign that they feel safe with you.
  4. Licking: Sometimes dogs lick as a way of showing affection, and licking your face or hands can be a sign that they love you. BUT sometimes licking doesn't show affection but a calming signal and your dog could be showing that he is uncomfortable. You can check more about this in our posts.
  1. Following You : Dogs are pack animals and naturally follow their loved ones. If your dog follows you around the house or stays close to you on walks, it's a sign that he sees you as family and loves being with you. Some people might say that this is something called hyperattachment, as a negative... which is sometimes not correct. It's not bad that he wants to be with you, it's bad that your dog can't be without you. Something completely different.

  2. Excitement : Dogs get excited when they see their loved ones, and if your dog gets overly excited when you get home or get ready to go for a walk, it's a sign that he loves spending time with you.

  3. Playfulness – Dogs love to play, and if your dog plays with you, it is a sign that they enjoy spending time with you and see you as a friend. When a dog doesn't play, it's not a good sign. By understanding your dog's behavior and body language, you can better connect with him and strengthen your bond.

  4. Dogs are social creatures that crave human interaction and affection. With proper care and attention, you can develop a deep and lasting relationship with your furry friend. Do you like this content? We will be posting much more of this in videos and tutorials soon! Download our free guide to avoid negative emotions in puppies! Do you have any questions about your animal? Behaviors? Emotions? Ask us for free! . We will contact you very soon!

Do you feel like you need to improve the bond with your dog? Do you feel that your dog does not love you? Or would you like to better understand how he thinks and how he feels? Contact us!


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