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Pack of 3 Canine Ethology Sessions- Dra Jose Veterinaria

Pack of 3 Canine Ethology Sessions- Dra Jose Veterinaria

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Pack 3 Ethology and Behavior Modification Sessions with Jose Veterinaria.
Emotional treatment and behavioral modification of the animal.

Results at the end of the 3 sessions.

It is important to consider that 3 sessions is the minimum amount to see results. Many patients require more sessions and it depends on each particular case.

What does this pack include?
This pack includes 3 sessions with the specialist Jose Veterinaria.

Each session will be specially designed and personalized for you and your animal in order to give you the tools you need and all the emotional support to modify your animal's behavior. Each session will address important factors that may be affecting your relationship with your animal. During the sessions, topics such as natural well-being and love with the animal, socialization, advice and techniques to modify behaviors, essential knowledge for the tutor, among others.

How to schedule?
You must book when you buy the pack.

Your first session will be Online and will consist of a general evaluation. After the first online session, the remaining 2 will be scheduled, and depending on the needs of your animal, it will be defined if they will be online, in our office, in the park, etc.

1. Online sessions will always be through Google Meet. You will receive the invitation by email and it will be scheduled on your calendar. Anything you can contact us by mail at or our WhatsApp: +56 9 7163 9803

2. Whenever necessary, the doctor will refer to a specialist or also request medical examinations if necessary.

3. Constancy in the tutor's work is key .

4. In the face of any medical problem, always go to your physical veterinarian first to rule out that there is no pathology that could alter the behaviors and emotions of our furry ones.

In case of requiring a change of time, notify at least 48 hours in advance

Address consultation: Eduardo Marquina 3937 office 409, Vitacura, Santiago.

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