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Kong Classic M- L -XL -XXL- Emotional and cognitive toy Low anxieties and stress

Kong Classic M- L -XL -XXL- Emotional and cognitive toy Low anxieties and stress

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Kong Classic. To lower stress and anxiety in dogs.

M Ideal for very small dogs like chihuahuas or yorkshires!
L: Ideal for small dogs, pugs, poodles, etc.
XL: Ideal for small, medium and larger dogs, such as cockers, bichons, labradors, border collies, etc.
XXL: Ideal size for large dogs such as German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs, Large Collies, Swiss Shepherds, Large Labradors, Large Golden Retrievers, etc.

It is a cognitive toy for dogs made with red natural rubber.
It is ideal to chew, to fill with snacks, prizes or food.
Its irregular pot is ideal for games of fetch and collect.
It is a **very durable tool!**

Replace your plate of food!

The KONG brand is always recommended by Dr. Jose Veterinaria to her patients because:
- Important tool for emotional management of your dog (help anxiety and frustration).
- Important help in emotional management
- Promotes concentration
- Cognitive and olfactory stimulation
- Helps develop natural behaviors such as exploration
- It is very useful for dog learning.
- The size will always depend on the therapeutic work that is carried out with it.

In our Instagram Flores de Paz and in the profile of our dogtora Jose Veterinaria you can find several posts and reels on how to use Kongs correctly!

If you have doubts about what size Kong your dog should occupy, ask us on whatsapp or instagram, or email!

The Kong XXL is the perfect solution! Made from high quality natural rubber, this tool has been designed to withstand even the strongest bites. In addition, its unique shape and irregular surface make it a fun challenge for your dog, stimulating its mind and reducing boredom and stress.

Kong XXL is an excellent option to replace your animal's food bowl. Let an ordinary moment become more entertaining and stimulating for your dog.
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