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Zippy Paws

Happy Bowl Ice Cream Cognitive Plate | Zippy Paws

Happy Bowl Ice Cream Cognitive Plate | Zippy Paws

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Support your dog's healthy digestion and weight with our Happy Bowl. Easy level!

Up to 10X Slower Eating - Slows down your dog's eating and encourages them to chew their food better.
Non-slip Design: Our non-slip base is designed to prevent the bowl from slipping while eating.
MENTAL STIMULATION: Keep your dog entertained and relieve boredom while supporting your dog's health.
EASY TO CLEAN: Our bowl is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean between meals.
950ml capacity
100% polypropylene, free of bpa and phthalate.

Fill with prizes, pellets or wet food. Helps manage and reduce anxieties and stress. If it becomes too easy for the dog, change to something more difficult or kong.

### Why use cognitive dishes for our dog to eat in?

Cognitive dishes for dogs are containers that contain mazes or puzzles in which our dog's food or sweets can be hidden. These dishes are a useful way to encourage your dog's natural search and explore behavior while eating, and can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

- *Help prevent obesity:* Cognitive dog dishes can help curb food intake, which can be beneficial for dogs who tend to eat too quickly or excessively. By encouraging our dog to eat in a slower and more methodical way, cognitive dishes can help regulate the amount of food our dog consumes and prevent obesity.

- *Stimulate the mind:* Cognitive dishes offer a mental challenge for our dog by having to search and discover hidden foods. This can help keep our dog's mind active and prevent boredom and lack of stimulation.

- *Reduce stress:* Cognitive dishes can help reduce our dog's stress and anxiety as they offer a slow and relaxed activity for our dog to do while eating. This can help reduce tension in stressful situations, such as when we leave our dog home alone.

- *Increase satisfaction:* Cognitive dog dishes offer a more satisfying eating experience by encouraging our dog to work a little harder for his food and lengthening feeding time. This can help prevent our dog from becoming bored or losing interest in his food, which can be especially helpful for those dogs that are particularly picky eaters.

In general, cognitive dog dishes can be a fun and effective way to improve our dog's diet, encourage his natural behavior and improve his general well-being. It is important to remember that we must choose safe and appropriate cognitive dishes for our dog, and always supervise their use to ensure that our dog does not have difficulty accessing his food.

### This is what no one tells you in conventional "pet" product stores!

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karla cifuentes

Me encanto!!! Ideal para un relamido pausado!!!