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Fungi anxiety - Mushrooms for anxiety and stress in dogs + material to avoid negative emotions

Fungi anxiety - Mushrooms for anxiety and stress in dogs + material to avoid negative emotions

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Welcome to the magical world of fungi therapy for animals! + material to avoid negative emotions, indications, benefits.

Suitable for humans!

Fungi are a natural and organic resource that can provide multiple benefits for your pet's emotional and behavioral health. Our range of fungi therapy products includes food supplements and liquid extracts, which contain a special blend of mushrooms selected for their healing properties.

Fungi mushrooms have adaptogenic properties, which help your pet to adapt to stressful situations and maintain their emotional balance. They are also rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body against cell damage and strengthen the immune system. Specifically these help in the treatment of behavioral problems such as anxiety and stress.

Benefits Lion's Mane and Reishi!

- Supports the immune system (extracts rich in B glucans).
- Cellular antioxidant.
- Serotonin precursor (L-tryptophan).
- Improves brain function.
- Supports neurological function.
- Supports cognitive function.
- Helps cardiovascular health.
- Helps relieve pain.
- Help with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

These mushrooms are a nutritional SUPPLEMENT and do not replace a therapy against any disease.

A QR code will arrive in your email that you must download and review for indications of the mushrooms, benefits and tips of the dra to avoid negative emotions. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

All of our products are safe, natural, and free of harmful chemicals. Try fungi mushroom therapy today and improve your furry friend's quality of life!

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