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Flores de paz

Emergency flowers (SOS Stress) + material to avoid negative emotions - Bach flower natural energy therapy for animals.

Emergency flowers (SOS Stress) + material to avoid negative emotions - Bach flower natural energy therapy for animals.

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Bach flower remedies for specific stressful situations in animals. Emotional natural energy therapy.

Flowers for traumatic events and extreme situations, immediate treatment for nervous breakdowns, seizures and situations in which the furry is in a state of physical shock or emotional distress, the SOS flower will help you get back on your feet.

This flower comes with material to complement the flowers and avoid negative emotions, 100% free that you must read, as it will help explain why you need the little flowers. This material comes in a file or a QR that arrives in the mail or that comes in the flower box.

Note: Flowers work energetically and support the emotions of our animals and ourselves. We are made of energy and so are our animals. This is a 100% natural plant-based therapy that DOES NOT CHANGE BEHAVIOR. If not, it supports the emotions behind those behaviors in your dog, which will help their animal welfare.

### Benefits

It connects the animal with the present quickly, helps in traumatic, painful processes, and any shock situation for our pets.

### Caution

This does not replace veterinary treatment in the event of an accident, cardio-respiratory arrest or in the event that the animal requires urgent physical veterinary treatment.

100% Natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, without contraindications, it can be used in addition to any medication prescribed by a specialist veterinarian.


4 drops 4 times a day or 16 drops in your water bottle, in shock situations or in unconscious states, apply 4 drops every 5 minutes to irrigated areas such as between the pads and behind the ears until you see an effect. Give in the water daily or on the tongue. Do not expose to the sun, keep in a cool place, do not expose to electrical appliances. Remember that consistency is very important since this is a treatment. Wash the pipette if it has direct contact with oral mucosa. Caution that the animal does not bite the glass.

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