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Flores de paz

Dizziness Flowers + material to avoid negative emotions.

Dizziness Flowers + material to avoid negative emotions.

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Family trips- Car rides- Tours- Mental, physical or emotional imbalance. This flower comes with material to complement the flowers and avoid negative emotions that you must read, since it will help the reason why you need the little flowers. This material comes in a file or a QR that arrives in the mail or that comes in the flower box.

Useful for any situation that generates physical and emotional imbalance. For animals that present dizziness and situations of emotional, mental and physical imbalance.

### Benefits

Stabilizes stomachs and mind. Decreases anxiety and nausea.

### Caution

It is recommended to use it as a complement to any type of treatment for dizziness.

100% Natural, alcohol-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, without contraindications, it can be used in addition to any medication prescribed by a specialist veterinarian.

### Indications

16 drops a day. Give in daily water or wet food. Do not expose to the sun, keep in a cool place, do not expose to electrical appliances. Remember that constancy is very important since this is a treatment. Give in the water daily or on the tongue. Do not expose to the sun, keep in a cool place, do not expose to electrical appliances. Remember that consistency is very important since this is a treatment. Wash the pipette if it has direct contact with oral mucosa. Caution that the animal does not bite the glass.

### How do Bach flower remedies work?
Bach Flower Remedies are a type of complementary therapy based on the idea that flower essences have healing properties and can help treat emotional and behavioral problems in humans and animals. It is important to note that **DOES NOT MODIFY BEHAVIORS**. In this case, it is recommended to go to a professional such as our ethologist to modify the conduct of this emotional treatment as a whole.

The Bach Flower Remedies method was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath in the 1930s. Bach believed that disease originated from negative emotional states and that these negative states could be treated with essences. floral.

Bach Flower Remedies are prepared from wild flowers and plants, which are collected early in the morning and placed in pure water. The flower essence is prepared by a process of solar infusion or boiling, which is diluted and stored in an alcoholic solution.

There are 38 Bach flower essences that we have here at the office, each with specific healing properties that are used to treat different emotional states, such as helping anxiety, depression, anger, fear, sadness, among others. There is also a formula called Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of five flower essences and is used to treat stress and acute anxiety, which is present in several of our formulas.

Flower essences are believed to work on an emotional and energetic level, balancing and harmonizing negative emotions and thoughts. The goal of therapy is to help the person find a state of balance and emotional harmony.

Bach Flower Remedies are used on humans and animals, and have been shown to be effective on a variety of emotional and behavioral problems in dogs, cats, and other animals. *It is important to note that Bach Flower Remedies are not a replacement for professional medical care, but can be a useful adjunct to help treat emotional issues and improve general well-being.*

You can also use this treatment together with your animal for better results!
### This is what no one tells you in conventional "pet" product stores!

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