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Flores de paz

Conflict Flowers + material to avoid negative emotions - Bach Flowers for animals 30ml

Conflict Flowers + material to avoid negative emotions - Bach Flowers for animals 30ml

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Made from plants - 100% natural

For intra or inter species conflicts, events of rage and intolerance. For animals in constant trouble with their environment and its elements, before intolerant animals and bad temper.

Socialization, intra or inter species conflicts, events of anger and intolerance.
For conflicting animals, in constant trouble with their surroundings and the surrounding elements, with intolerant animals and a bad temper.

This flower comes with material to complement the flowers and avoid negative emotions, 100% free that you must read, as it will help explain why you need the little flowers. This material comes in a file or a QR that arrives in the mail or that comes in the flower box.

This natural and energetic flower supports emotions, it does not change behaviors. Consider that behaviors always occur due to poorly managed emotions. This flower helps the emotion behind. The conduct must be modified by an ethologist.

*For cases of aggressiveness, flowers are not enough, so it is recommended to have a personalized session with one of our professionals to carry out behavior modification work.

-Made by Jose Veterinaria, Veterinary Doctor of Flores de Paz.


- Restore love at home

- Harmonize spaces

- Social facilitator

- It can complement any medical treatment.

Each flower contains a QR code with tips from our doctor, indications, precautions and material to prevent negative emotions.

Caution: It is recommended to take in conjunction with a treatment with clinical ethologists. For cases of aggressiveness, this is not enough, if or if it must be accompanied by conduct management with positive reinforcement.

100% Natural, paraben free, alcohol free, cruelty free, without contraindications, it can be used in addition to any medication prescribed by a specialist veterinarian.

Is your dog conflictive with other dogs? Dogs can be confrontational with other dogs for a number of reasons, such as:

- Lack of socialization: If a dog has not had the opportunity to socialize with other dogs as a puppy, it may develop behavior problems when it meets other dogs later in life.

- Fear or anxiety: Some dogs can be conflictive with other dogs due to the fear or anxiety they feel when they are around them. This may be due to a previous bad experience with another dog or simply a lack of exposure to other dogs.

- Territorial Protection: Dogs can be very protective of their territory, which can lead to aggressive behavior when other dogs approach their area. This can be modified with the help of an ethologist like Jose Veterinaria.

-Sickness or pain: Dogs may be more prone to being confrontational with other dogs when they are sick or in pain. If a dog is experiencing any form of physical discomfort, it may become more irritable and react aggressively to other dogs.

It is important to remember that each dog is unique and may have its own reasons for behaving in a confrontational manner with other dogs. If your dog shows signs of aggression or conflicting behavior with other dogs, it is important to seek the help of an ethologist like Jose Veterinaria with an emphasis on their emotions to address the problem and find effective solutions.


Apply 16 drops in your animal's small cup of water or wet food. Carefully, always preventing the furry from biting the pipette as it can hurt itself. Then the pipette is rinsed with water so that it does not become contaminated with the bacteria in our furry's mouth. Being constant is key.

Size: 30ml

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