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Flores de paz Servicios

Advice for pet friendly establishments, communities, etc. FREE.

Advice for pet friendly establishments, communities, etc. FREE.

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Advice/Classes for pet friendly establishments and places.

Do you have a restaurant, a building, an establishment, a veterinarian or a place that you want to make pet friendly and thus give added value to your community? We can help you!

There are many places that claim to be "pet friendly" and that are attended by guardians or "owners" of dogs with their animals, and that when they are there, they realize that they use pet friendly to call more people, but that they do not. they really are, since they also have things to negatively influence emotions of our animals such as: loud music, high flow of people, loud sounds of machines, unsuitable or unhealthy food for animals, unsuitable soil, etc. And in the end it happens that we go to that place once and never come back because our animal has a bad time ... often happens!

And, this is a problem... did you know that more than 60% of the Chilean population has pets? And of this percentage, how many do you think love them with their hearts? How many do you think could accompany their owners or guardians to places if they could?

We can help you create a truly suitable environment for animals together with humans. With focus on your emotions, behaviors and your well-being!

Schedule a meeting FREE so that we can get to know each other and we can talk better about what you want to do and how we can help you so that there is greater animal welfare, focused on the emotions of our animals! and why not?

Tutors too! We can talk about anything you want! And we can modify proposals or even reach agreements without problem.

Get motivated and let's make this city a more suitable place for our animals!

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