Our veterinarians, Fran or Jose, carry out this therapy that channels energy directly or remotely through their hands and transfers it to the animals. When the animals have high energy, they are healthy and balanced, but when their energy is low, they are much more affected by problems and are less resistant to diseases.
The duration of treatment depends on the size of the animal. It can be 50 minutes if it is a horse or 15 minutes if it is a nervous dog. The number of sessions will be determined by the veterinarian, depending on the severity of the patient.
Benefits: Balances well-being, strengthens the immune system, reduces side effects of strong treatments such as cancer, reduces stress, relieves pain, brings calm and relaxation.
✨ Animal and person: 25,000
Animal Only: 20,000

Our services offered are by appointment, so we will be happy to reserve your time through our chat on the website or press the following link .