Emotional therapy Bach flowers for animals

Does your dog bark and you don't know why? Do you think he lives with constant anxiety? Are you going through a period of stress and want to be able to handle it?


Emotional Flower Therapy




Custom Flowers

Imparted by:

Joseph Veterinary


45 min

Results from the first weeks!
Consult plan available for 4 sessions*

  • We clean negative emotions
  • We provide well-being
  • Veterinary advice and therapist
  • Special flowers to treat all the necessary emotions for the patient
  • Tips and Techniques for Changing Behaviors
  • tutor apprenticeship

Our services are offered by appointment, so we will be happy to meet your furry friend and help him.


A little more about therapy...

Our star therapy, and what motivated us to leave!

Our Jose Veterinaria, will choose from 38 flower essences with different emotional and behavioral purposes, the ones that best suit the behavior or emotion that you want to treat your furry, through a veterinary consultation and comprehensive therapist, she will provide you with the support you need. you need through veterinary tools and specific flowers.

We all have unwanted behaviors that need to be worked on, and there is always a negative emotion underneath that does not allow us to manage what is happening, therefore, if you treat this emotion, you treat the disease. Our combined flower jars are a very good way to bring out and manage the emotion that abounds in us, layer by layer, flowers accompany the soul to be itself and remove all negative hindrances.

Animal welfare is a job that is carried out in conjunction with humans, since furry animals absorb emotions and energies from their owners. For this reason, it is recommended that for a better therapeutic result, it is good that the human be treated together with his furry, to also cleanse him of negative obstacles that can be absorbed by his animal.

    All these services separately in any other place would come out around 60,000. But we give you EVERYTHING (including FREE personalized flowers) for 35,990!

    Our dog will be happy to meet you... Improve the life of your furry in this link .


    • Consult special plans.
    • Whenever necessary, the doctor will refer to a specialist.
    • The flowers must go through a process of assimilation in which the emotion tends to accentuate, this is the first days of treatment.
    • Constancy in the application is key.

    In the face of any problem, always go to your physical veterinarian first to rule out that there is no pathology that could alter the behaviors and emotions of our furry dogs.