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Turquoise Stone - Protection - Human and Dog Connection Bracelet - Gem Therapy

Turquoise Stone - Protection - Human and Dog Connection Bracelet - Gem Therapy

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Connect with your animal in a unique and special way with the turquoise gem therapy stone for dogs!

Gem therapy is a technique that uses the therapeutic properties of stones and crystals to balance and harmonize the body and mind. This technique can be beneficial for dogs because it can help treat a variety of physical and emotional health problems.

This stone has healing and calming properties that help your dog find inner peace and reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, turquoise is known to encourage communication between humans and animals, making it perfect for those times when you want to connect and communicate with your dog in a deeper way.

The turquoise gem therapy stone is easy to use: simply place it on your necklace. Notice how your dog becomes calmer and more relaxed as he absorbs the healing energy of the stone. Turquoise can also be used in combination with other natural dog treatments, such as aromatherapy or acupuncture, to maximize its benefits.

Make your dog feel more connected and at peace with the turquoise gem therapy stone! Look for our turquoise stones in our online store or in pet stores near you.

This crystal vibrates in Protection

Benefits :

✨ Help for everything.

✨ Provides healing.

✨ Provides wellness.

Card that measures 12 x 16 cm and 1 cm long
Thread bracelet with natural stone, adjustable to the hand
We send each pack with its ritual of loading and programming with palo santo
Brochure with meaning of the stone
Pendant with natural stone for pet

We send our magical products with a ritual of cleaning, charging and programming with palo santo seeking to remove the harmful energy that the stones may have. Once the ritual is done, they can begin to live from this experience of reciprocity and harmony with your furry, granted by the benefits of natural crystals.

* Always remember to carry out this ritual once every month or two months maximum

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