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Shish Kebab Extreme Chicken Jerky – Small

Shish Kebab Extreme Chicken Jerky – Small

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The Nylabone Extreme range of bones and chew toys is perfect for your dog if he loves to chew, and is very good at it! These chew toys have a delicious chicken jerky flavor every time, which means the flavor continues as long as it is chewed, they are not sprinkled, dipped or coated in any way, so there's no chance of that tasty flavor contaminating! the MA! The materials are as hard as real bone but do not carry the same dangers. We have mastered making chew toys for over 50 years and have a manufacturing process like no other, we make sure they don't splinter but the nice smooth surface gets rough as you chew and little bristles rise up on the bone, acting as a Mini Toothbrush that will help keep your dog's teeth clean and prevent tartar buildup.


  • Check your dogs chew regularly, make sure it is whole and intact with no missing pieces.
  • Always replace it if the ends of the knuckles are worn or if it becomes too small to chew safely.
  • These non-edible chews are made with nylon. They are NOT intended for consumption.
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