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Cool Pet

Home spray Coolpet – Odor Neutralizer for houses

Home spray Coolpet – Odor Neutralizer for houses

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Spray designed to fight bad odors from the furniture in your house, it is water-based therefore it does not stain textiles and furniture such as armchairs, curtains, beds. Apply it to your dog's clothes or yours. It can be used directly in the cat's litter box. Helps fight the smell of urine. Leaves an exquisite fragrance to Berries and blocks bad odors.

- PH balanced with your pet's skin.
- Free of salt, sulfates and parabens.
- For all types of textiles.
- Cruelty Free.
- Made in Chile.
- Tested on humans.
- 250 ml.

### Ingredients
- Alcohol (10%)
- Zinc Rhinocinoleate
- Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate
- Propanediol
-Polysorbate 20
-Natural Parfum

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