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Hiperactivipaz - Hyperactivity - Aromatherapy 30 ml

Hiperactivipaz - Hyperactivity - Aromatherapy 30 ml

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### Aromatherapy to calm hyperactivity and lower RPM of animals.

Benefits: Calm your furry, stabilize their energy.

Indications: Review PDF with instructions that arrives in your email after making the purchase. Apply 2 drops in ears or pads and massage for 1 minute, 1 time a day for the first month. 2 times a day only from the second month. Avoid contact with face and private parts. Do not expose to the sun, keep in a cool place. DO NOT CONSUME.

Caution Cats: Avoid contact with the nose, eyes, genitals and places that are sensitive in our animals. Cats in particular are animals that are very sensitive to essential oils (there are EOs that are prohibited for them, they can only use what we have for them), their use can even cause death, so it is never recommended to use direct contact with pure EO . Do not use wintergreen, basil, cloves, oregano, malaleuca, quinquenervia, thyme, mountain savory, tea tree, laurus nobilis and cinnamon bark- among others and always leave an escape route inside the room for the animal to decide if stay or not

If your animal shows signs of lethargy, salivation, tremor, or any symptomatology after a few hours of using oils, stop the treatment and go to a veterinarian. If the animal resists and runs away, it is a signal to tell us that it is not the time to use them or that they simply do not like it and it will be better not to use them on them.

Size: 30ml

Is your animal stressed or anxious? Having trouble relaxing and getting a good night's sleep?** Aromatherapy can help your family find the peace they need.

Our blend of carefully selected essential oils is perfect for helping furry and human members of the family **relax and feel comfortable**. The soft and delicate scents we use are known for their **relaxing** and calming properties, which can help your dog, child or pet reduce stress and help with anxiety.

But that is not all. Our product can also help to **improve the behavior of your animal and dog**. Stressed or anxious dogs can often show bad behaviors, such as excessive barking, walking problems, socialization problems, destruction in the house (if this happens, remember to see an ethologist like Jose Veterinaria to help you with their emotions and well-being. ). Aromatherapy can help with these behaviors by providing a calmer, more harmonious environment.

Our essential oil blend is safe and easy to use. You just need to put a few drops in the aromatherapy diffuser and let the subtle and pleasant aroma fill the room.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to help your pet manage stress and anxiety, aromatherapy is a great option. Make your little dog feel happy and calm with our blend of essential oils!

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