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Cool Pet

SOS sanitizer. Coolpet – Animal wound disinfectant

SOS sanitizer. Coolpet – Animal wound disinfectant

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### Protect your four-legged family with SOS Coolpet!

This **alcohol free** sanitizing disinfectant is the perfect solution to keep your dog healthy and happy. Its formula is **safe** and effective from hypochlorous acid with the precise concentration, **eliminating germs and bacteria from their paws** in seconds, leaving a clean and fresh environment. It can be used to **disinfect minor wounds**. In addition, it is ideal for **fighting bad odors**, something that your pet or dog will appreciate.

Use SOS Coolpet in all areas where your dog spends time, such as his bed, toys and bedding. **Hygiene is essential for the emotional well-being** (for some puppies it is essential, it also depends on the tastes of each one, see if they like to be clean) of your animal, and this disinfectant is an easy and effective way to make sure that your dog is always in a clean and healthy environment.

- PH balanced with your dog's skin.
- Free of sodium hypochlorite
- For dogs, cats and exotics
- Cruelty Free.
- Made in Chile.
- Tested on humans.
- 150 ml.

### Instructions for use

**Your best alternative for after the rides, apply directly to the pads and that's it. Your safe sanitation just a spray away.**

### Ingredients

- Stabilized Electrolytic Hypochlorous Acid concentration 250ppm
- Demineralized water.
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