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Disney Toy Story 4 - Woody & Forky Rope Flyer

Disney Toy Story 4 - Woody & Forky Rope Flyer

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rope frisbee

- Size: 20.3 cm. diameter.

Ideal for playing with our dogs and improving human-animal connection.

The image shows the toy, front and back.

### Why does the use of teethers help my animal's emotions?

Chews are toys designed for dogs to bite and chew, which can be beneficial to their emotional well-being in a number of ways.

First, teethers can provide an outlet for dogs' natural chewing behavior. Dogs have a natural need to bite and chew, and often resort to inappropriate objects, such as furniture or shoes, to satisfy this need. Providing our dog with appropriate and safe chews can help redirect this behavior and prevent damage to our home.

Additionally, teethers can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. Chewing and biting can be a relaxing activity for dogs, and can help relieve tension and boredom. This is especially helpful for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or need an outlet for their energy.

Teethers can also be a useful tool for mental stimulation. Chews containing hidden treats or toys can provide a search and explore activity for dogs, which can help keep their mind active and prevent boredom.

Finally, the use of teethers can help strengthen the relationship between us and our dog. Providing toys and activities that our dog enjoys can help establish a stronger, more positive bond between us and our dog, which can enhance our mutual emotional well-being.

In summary, the use of teethers can be beneficial for our dog's emotional and physical health, providing an outlet for the natural chewing behavior, reducing stress and anxiety, stimulating the mind and strengthening our relationship with our dog. It is important to choose safe and appropriate teethers for our dog's age, size and individual needs, and to supervise their use to avoid any risk of ingestion or suffocation.

### This is what no one tells you in conventional "pet" product stores!
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