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White Quartz Stone - Strength - Human and Dog Connection Bracelet - Gem Therapy

White Quartz Stone - Strength - Human and Dog Connection Bracelet - Gem Therapy

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### Welcome to the experience to connect with your Soulmates animal!

This beautiful piece of white quartz is not only an ornament for your pet, it can also help strengthen their emotional connection with you! White quartz has been used since ancient times to promote mental clarity, concentration, and calm. By using Soulmates, your dog will be able to enjoy these same benefits while connecting with you on a deeper level.

Soul Mates is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their pet. Whether you are training your dog, taking a walk in the park, or just spending time together at home, this crystal can help you establish a stronger and more meaningful connection with your furry friend. Additionally, white quartz is considered a powerful energy cleanser, so it can help release any tension or stress your dog may be feeling.

This Soulmates pendant is easy to attach to your dog's collar and comes in a variety of sizes to fit any pet. Join the community of animal lovers and discover the transformative power of Soulmates today.

This crystal vibrates in Strength.✨

✨ Help the aura of pets.
✨ Remove bad energy.

Card that measures 12 x 16 cm and 1 cm long
Thread bracelet with natural stone, adjustable to the hand
We send each pack with its ritual of loading and programming with palo santo
Brochure with meaning of the stone
Pendant with natural stone for pet
We send our magical products with a ritual of cleaning, charging and programming with palo santo seeking to remove the harmful energy that the stones may have. Once the ritual is done, they can begin to live from this experience of reciprocity and harmony with your furry, granted by the benefits of natural crystals.

* Always remember to carry out this ritual once every month or two months maximum

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